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The year 2019 marked an important milestone for Getha, the home-grown natural latex bedding company as it celebrated its 50th Anniversary with various social initiatives including a campaign with Zoo Negara involving the adoption of five orangutans – four Bornean and one Sumatran orangutans.

According to World Wildlife, orangutans are faced with the threat of extinction with mere 1,500 individuals remaining. To support the maintenance of the orangutans named Gunta, Kathy, Manja, Punky and Choki, Getha committed to a sponsorship of RM50,000 to Malaysia’s Zoo Negara. The cheque presentation took place on the 6th August 2019, presented by Ms. Amelia Tan, Getha Director of Business Development to Ms. Linda Salim, Zoo Negara Director of Public Relations, Marketing, Customer Service and Education.

The shaggy reddish fur apes are between the ages of 10 to 29 years old and reside in an open-space enclosure of the zoo. The orangutans enjoy a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and even bread and eggs.

Amelia shared that the adoption program is Getha’s first CSR initiative with wildlife.

“Working together with Zoo Negara is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn about our ecological society. It was truly an eye-opening experience to get a closer look into the diet, care and habits of these animals as well as the importance of conservation and creating a sustainable ecosystem for future generations. This program is very significant to us as it motivates us to continue promoting a green lifestyle,” she added.

As part of the meaningful initiative, the company also organized a family day with more than 50 participants visiting to the zoo. It was a fun-filled day with guests greeted by the Malayan tapir – the only surviving species of tapir in the Old World; the smallest subspecies of tiger - Malayan Tiger, and the free roaming birds in Zoo Negara’s vast, open-concept exhibit.

About Getha

The name “GETHA” is derived from “getah” which means rubber in the Malay language. This name mirrors the brand perfectly, for its signature products made with only 100% natural Malaysian rubber latex.

GETHA is a homegrown Malaysian brand which is also acclaimed internationally that takes pride in producing top-notched products to promote quality sleep. Always committed to serve the needs of their consumers, GETHA will constantly work towards improving one’s lifestyle through its luxurious bedding products. It has received accreditations from ECO Umweltinstitute, Germany, Oeko Tex, Switzerland and the world renowned Malaysia Rubber Board.

Aside from satisfying its consumers’ needs, GETHA believes in serving the needs of nature too. To ensure that the eco-system is properly maintained, GETHA complies with all the regulations set forth by the authorities. GETHA also strives to promote a greener lifestyle among its consumers. Please visit our website for more information.