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Swamp Deer ( Cervus duvauceli )



Meet Swamp Deer - the Zoo Negara’s new species! This Swamp Deer came to the Zoo Negara in June and was introduced to his new home.


Swamp Deer is also known as Barasingha. Smaller than the Sambar Deer, it weighs in at approximately 180 kgs once fully grown with a height nearing 130 cms. Their famous antlers, by the time they attain adulthood, develop more than 12 points and attain lengths up to 75 cms.


Their life expectancy ranges between 20 - 30 years. Although quite similar in appearance, there are three species with their own unique traits. Their main diet consists of grass which they feed on in the vast grasslands of central and northern India. Some of them have also been seen eating grass from the bed of wet swamps. To do this they have to at times completely submerge their heads and often come out with strands suspended from their antlers.



















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