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Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)


Finally, the world’s most well-known bear, the Giant Panda, finally arrived safely to their second home, Malaysia. The eight-year-old pair’s, Xing Xing and Liang Liang (formerly known as Fu Wa and Feng Yi) arrival to Malaysia represents peace and a symbol diplomatic relationship between China and Malaysia for 40 years.

The Giant Pandas will live here for the next 10 years under the care of local zookeepers and veterinarians.

Xing Xing and Liang Liang are accompanied by a vet and keeper from China, Dr Li and Mr Yang, to ensure that the bears are settling well in their new exhibit and also to train the employees in the Zoo on the animal’s husbandry and the plan for the next decade.

After a long journey, Xing Xing and Liang Liang are still getting used to their new home, the Giant Panda Conservation Centre, which is located near the Ape Centre. During this 1-month quarantine period, the bears are given the time to know the zoo keepers of Malaysia and vice versa. They will be ready for their debut to the public at the end of June.

One can easily identify the bears by just looking at the bears’ black eye patch. Xing Xing’s eye patch is shaped a figure eight where as Liang Liang’s eye patch are near-perfect oval.

The arrival of this pair of Chinese bears will help to boost the number of visitors to visit the Zoo and also give Malaysians an opportunity to see the pandas without flying to overseas. Zoo Negara also hope that the Giant Pandas can also help to share their limelight with Malaysia’s very own bear species, the Malayan Sun Bear. Indeed, it is a great opportunity for the Zoo to highlight on the endemic endangered animals in Malaysia on wildlife appreciation and conservation education.

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