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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get my free guide map in the zoo area just incase if I lost my way?

At the zoo Main Entrance A. Please look on our Zoo Guide Map


Do you have any programs or educational package for school children?

Click here for information.


How long does it take to walk around the zoo?

Approximately 2 hours walk and 20 minutes by train rides.


Do you have any suggestion to direct me around zoo area during my visit day?

Follow these 7 directions below to ensure your visit is memorable one.
(2 hours tour)



  • Board train at the entrance


  • Stop at the Bird House, view birds


  • Board train to Tiger Exhibit


  • Stop at Savannah Walk. Visit Ape Centre & Mammal Kingdom


  • Board train to Reptile House, view reptiles


  • Walk to Bear Complex, Restaurant & visit Children’s World


  • Watch Multi-animal Show & walk back to entrance


Why should I adopt zoo animals?

Your support helps provide food, habitat, and environmental enhancements for the animals in our care.


What animals can I adopt?

Any animal at the Zoo as listed onTicket2u.


Do I actually get to take the animal home with me?

No. The Zoo Negara's adoption program is a symbolic adoption and the animal will remain at the Zoo.


Will anyone else adopt this animal?

Yes. It takes more than one adoption to feed and care for an animal all year. All adoptions support the care and feeding of the animals at Zoo Negara.


Can I name my adopted animal?

No. All our Zoo Negara animals already have names.


Do I own the adopted animal?

All the adopted animals remain in the care and custody of the Zoo Negara, and no ownership rights are conferred. Simply put, all the parental pride - none of the work!




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For enquiries, please call : +603-4108 3422/7/8 Fax : +603-4107 5375

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